2014 MC Meeting Brussels, Minutes

Representatives from participating countries:

Chair: Martin Leucker, DE
Protocol: Volker Stolz/Martin Steffen, NO

ARVI Overview, Leucker

Short presentation about ARVI in general (TODO: link slides). Klaus Havelund is proposed to be invited (JPL). The talk is about planned activities, milestones, impact.

Organization of Responsibilities

Statement of interest in working groups (WGs). Giles, Gerardo, Keiko via email/earlier communication.

Participant Core Standards Novel Domains Applications
Eugene (CH) X X X
Ylies (FR) X X X X
Christian (MT) X X X
Cesar (ER) X X
Ezio (AT) X X
Tarmo (EE) X X
Boro (FYR) X X
Martin S. (NO) X X
Volker (NO) X X
Jose (PT) X
Brian (DK) X X
Giles (UK) X X
Gerardo (SE) X
Keiko (DE*) X
Martin L. X X X X

*: Keiko will become MC member after Martin L. formally becomes chair and his slot is available again.

Based on Cesar’s previous experience in COST actions, three people to handle STMS recommended. Format: 1-2 page proposals.

Proposed WG Chairs:

STMS Tarmo chair, Cesar, Martin S.
WG “Core” Ylies/Ezio sharing
WG “Standards” Giles chair, Eugene
WG “Domains” Keiko chair, Cesar
WG “Applications” Christian (chair, financial transactions)
Subchairs: Gerardo (contracts)
Boro (cloud)
Martin L., Ezio (medical)

Further Meetings

  • 9./10. April 2015: Technical Kick-Off, Malta.
  • 21. September 2015: 1-day workshop colocated with RV-conference (22.-25.) in Vienna; MC-meeting to coordinate activities for 2016
  • December 2015? Tallinn, prepare for reporting etc.

Based on recommendation by COST Association future meetings in FYR, PT, LU.

Action Items


  • web-page, WordPress
  • project-management tool: redmine for instance, will be checked
  • mailing lists (MC, WG’s STSM commitee), STSM participants, core-workers etc:
    • management
    • general participants
    • all/open (perhaps reuse an existing email list)
  • newsletter


  • WG-leaders must establish WGs
  • STSM send “Call for STSM” to interested parties. Abstracts
    (for papers, or for other things as well beyond papers).Bring together theory and practice, one can use STSM to establish
    collaboration here. But that’s hard especially at the beginning.There could be a “market-place” (perhaps cf. COST Action BETTY.) one could do on a web-page. Also: it’s not just STSM between the “participating
    institutes”, but it must be from a participating countries.
  • back office for ARVI (for Luebeck)

Budget Plan

(see the slides of M. Leucker.) Officer thinks, the
money for STSM is too small. (25 K for meeting, and
also the STSM higher than 6K). There will however
be finetuning.

The preliminary plan is approved, but will be tuned
(Martin S. and S. Stuebner)

Q: there is question if one stays longer (for instance
for staying). It’s unclear whether approval is
needed or additional documentation.

Further remarks/AOB

  • Q: do we start “working” already now?
    A: yes
  • open mailinglists soon
  • Q: marketing material?
    A: cost website + memorandum.
  • add a link at the cost website to “real” cost web-page