WG4 – Meeting 3 (Tallinn – Estonia)

During the meeting in Tallinn we had the following talks from industry:

Alexander Weiss: Non-intrusive online observation of multicore processors

Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski: Monitoring industry: current state and problems

Martin Sachenbacher: Potential applications of RV and diagnosis to Li-ion batteries

We also had two sessions about RV applications, one in the context of number entry system in medical devices, and another in a Horizon2020-funded project Open Payments Ecosystem:

Christian Colombo: Facilitating testing and monitoring of number entry systems in medical devices

Gordon Pace: Compliance checking supporting an open payments ecosystem

We also had a discussion session chaired by Christian Colombo with Alexander Weiss, Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski, Martin Sachenbacher, and Keiko Nakata on the panel. Some main points that were discussed:

  • The kind of employees that are needed by industry: some argued in favour of strong engineering background to build large systems vs strong mathematical background.
  • The need to use open source systems for case studies and to report impressive findings to industry, preferably by talking at industrial conferences.
  • The advantages of developing open source tools so that industry can easily pick up where we leave off.
  • The need to integrate runtime verification in the software development life cycle.

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