MC Meeting Minutes Grenoble, France 22 March 2018

Begin: 18:15, End 20:00

  1. Welcome to participants and quick report on WGs progress (WG1 – WG4) by referring to the program in the morning
  2. Verification of the presence of two-thirds of the Participating COST Countries
    Quorum: CH, CY, DE, DK, ES, FR, IL, IS, IT, LT, MK, MT, NO, PT, RS, SE, TR, UK
  3. Adoption of agenda: no requests, approved unanimously
  4. Approval of minutes and matters arising of last meeting: already distributed and approved
  5. Update from the Action Chair
    a) Status of Action:
    Start and end date of Grant Period and of the Action, announcement of the fiscal year ending; participating COST countries, introduction of new COST countries: Turkey and Cyprus and COST IPS from Australia, new member from Iceland, Finnland joined but not present at the meeting.
    b) Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM):
    Cesar Sanchez: review of completed reports in 2017 and 2018. All reports available on the webpage of the Action. Another one, new application for the current grant period is to be approved. Scientific approval already happened, should be decided once the system allow to complete the STSM in the current fiscal year.
  6. Update from the Grant Holder: Action Budget Status representing planned and actual numbers, 3 meetings in the grant period finished close to planned budget, the current meeting is the last one, for which the expences are a bit higher due to combination with training school. Receipts for flight for trainers should be submitted for Training school to reduce the costs of the meeting. In order to be able to plan the last STSM in the grant period the claims for reimbursement for current meeting should be submitted as soon as possible.
  7. Update from the COST Association: no representative present
  8. Monitoring of the Action: NA
  9. Implementation of COST policies on:
    a) Promotion of gender balance and Early Career Investigators (ECI):
    Regarding STSMs is going well, 5 of the last 6 approved STSMs are supporting women, it’s also a perfect instrument for young scientists. Tiziana Margaria from Irland as new MC member on board.
    b) Inclusiveness and Excellence: Turkey and Cyprus have joined the Action, Nabuko Yoshida, member of the Action received the POPL test of time award for one of here papers
  10. Follow-up of MoU objectives: progress report of working groups: already happened at the start of the meeting
    Deliverables should be produced within WGs according to the list of deliverables presented, primarily WG1 and WG3. The work on deliverables should be finalized during next meetings.
  11. Scientific planning
    a) Scientific Strategy: work on deliverables is planned;
    b) Action Budget Planning:
    the draft of Work and Budget Plan has been completed: around 70.000 for meetings (3). The goal is not having MC meetings but primarily WG and CG meetings to work on deliverables. 6500 EUR planned for STSMs, the absolute minimum, that can’t be reduced. FSAC is reduced to 10% instead of common 15%. The overnight rate for Serbia meeting reduced to 100 EUR per night.
    c) Long-term-Planning:
    3 meeting planned in upcoming grant period: Serbia, Novi Sad 18-19.06. with 18 participants, which is particularly for creating deliverables for WG 1, 2;  Sicily, Catania on 3-4.09. combining WG meeting and Workshop on security (22 participants); final meeting on Cyprus combined with ISOLA and RV Conference on 8-9.11, that will include MC Meeting with around 35 participants.
    All of the meetings are 2-days meetings. Though the planned number of participants for the security workshop is quite low due to high costs, it was suggested to stay with numbers and count on less expenses than planned to be reinvested in the next meeting. It is important to be able to invite security experts prior to COST members. Also other participants can attend workshop without refunding what will solve the financial issue. Vote on this suggestion: all countries for, nobody against, nobody abstained.
    d) dissemination planning:
    Suggested to apply for extra funding (10.000 EUR) for dissemination dedicated report (book/ brochure). It is not clear what kind of report can be funded, for instance can be the tutorial volume for RV be considered as dissemination report? Many participants are interested in scientific contributions. Going through the Grant request form in order to decide on possible options.
    1. Option would be to claim the funding for the released tutorial volume open access – ACCEPTED
    2. Option is to make the special issue of RV 2018 as open journal issue– 10 VOTED FOR, 6 are ready to contribute
    3. Option: produce movies or some material in order to make RV accessible for non-scientists and use it as marketing instrument for promoting RV. – 6 VOTED FOR
    DECISION: clarify the intentions of dissemination grant, check if option 1 is possible, if not go for option 3.
  12. Requests to join the Action form: none
  13. AOB: Announcement of RV 2018 Conference with Industry day and dissemination meeting, Call for papers.
  14. Summary of MC decisions: Work and Budget Plan should be submitted in the COST system, dissemination grant plans to be clarified, the meetings and numbers for next grant period approved by the majority.
  15. Closing