WG1 – Meeting plan

This is the main page for discussing and creating a joint document for the COST action ARVI, WG1. Here is a proposed outline for the topics we could discuss.

Please indicate your contact information on the Participants page along with a short description of your interests.

Open challenges in RV

  • Have a general framework for parametric properties that allows to understand the spectrum between expressiveness of the specification formalism and efficiency of the associated monitoring algorithm.
  • A general monitoring framework for distributed systems.

RV Basics

  • Principles
  • Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Specification (logics)
  • Monitoring algorithms

Advanced RV Topics

  • Monitorability of a specification
  • Decentralised Monitoring
  • Monitoring Distributed Systems
  • Runtime Enforcement

Foundational Papers

  • Pré-RV papers (from the Turing Machine to 2000)
  • Papers that have made RV a field

Combining RV with other Techniques

  • RV and Typed Systems
  • RV and Abstract Interpretation
  • RV and Statistical Model Checking
  • RV and SMT solver
  • RV and Control Theory
  • RV and Static Analysis

Existing Tutorials and Lectures on Runtime Verification

  • A Tutorial on Runtime Verification.
    Yliès Falcone, Klaus Havelund, Giles Reger. Engineering Dependable Software Systems 2013: 141-175.
  • Verify Your Runs.
    Klaus Havelund, Allen Goldberg. VSTTE 2005: 374-383.
  • A brief account of runtime verification.
    Martin Leucker, Christian Schallhart. J. Log. Algebr. Program. 78(5): 293-303 (2009)