Guidelines for STSM

OBJECTIVE: supporting individual mobility, strengthening existing networks and
fostering collaboration. Should contribute to the scientific objectives of the COST
Action, at the same time:

  • learn new techniques,
  •  gain access to specific data, instruments, methods not available in their own organisations.

DURATION: minimum 5 (working) days, maximum 90 days. Additionally, ECI (Early Career Investigators) can apply for longer STSMs of duration within 91 days and 180 days. Must happen in a single grant period (year) within the grant.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: The grant only covers travel and subsistence (as a perhaps partial contribution).

The financial contribution for a STSM will be a fixed grant based on the applicant’s budget request and the evaluation of the application by the STSM committee. Recommended (but not obligatory) amounts:

EUR 60-90 for daily allowance
EUR 300 for travel

The total should not exceed EUR 2500 up to 3 months (or EUR 3500 for ECI). The daily should not exceed 160 EUR per day for accommodation and meal.

Any exception needs prior approval from the COST Office.


(1) WHO: Applicant (IC1402-specific)

WHAT: Sending pre-approval request email to our 3 STSM committee members and the ARVI mailing list:

  • Cesar Sanchez <>
  • Martin Steffen <>
  • Tarmo Uustalu <>
  • Cc:


  • the groups involved
  •  the exact dates
  • a short description of the proposed workplan (about 250 words), including—as specific as possible—a description of the expected outcomes of STSM. o a budget request with breakdown for the costs of the STSM (travel + accommodation/meals)

The applicant may attach to this email any document relevant in supporting the application at the evaluation process (such as CV, list of publications, motivation letter, letter of support from the home institute, etc.)

If case of positive pre-approval, this e-mail is to be reused below.

(2) WHO : STSM committee (IC1402-specific)

WHAT: After discussion within the STSM committee, reporting the assessment of the STSM proposal to the applicant.

(3) WHO : Applicant

WHAT: Using the on-line registration tool.

  •  applicant’s title, name, work place, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address;
  •  name, postal address, telephone, fax and email of the prospective host at the receiving institute; (the applicant is responsible for obtaining the agreement of the host institution before the submission)
  •  the planned dates and length of stay;
  • the title of the planned STSM;
  • a short description of the proposed workplan (about 250 words);
  •  a short curriculum vitae;
  •  a budget request with breakdown for the costs of the STSM;
  •  bank details.

The on-line registration tool will issue a formal STSM application which has to be downloaded and sent by the applicant electronically (by e-mail as attachment) to:

  • the future Host institution of the STSM; and
  •  the MC Chair
  • STSM committee

(4) WHO : STSM committee

WHAT: Arranging the final assessment of the STSM proposal according to our rules.

(5) WHO : STSM committee

WHAT: Reporting on the decisions and assessments regarding all STSM applications to the next MC meeting. These should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

(6) WHO : STSM committee

WHAT: Announcing approved STSMs on the MC mailing list and documenting them on the web page accessible to MC members.

(7) WHO : STSM coordinator

WHAT: Informing the Grant Holder about the decision. If the assessment is positive, this information can be in the form of an e-mail stating:

“Subject: STSM <Reference number>, COST IC1402, <grantee’s name>

On behalf of the Management Committee of the above COST Action I
would like to inform you after evaluation that:

o the attached request for an STSM has been approved and;

o a grant of EUR x has been recommended and;

o  the host institute accepted the proposal.”

(8) WHO : Grant Holder

WHAT: In case of a positive assessment and availability of funding, sending to the applicant a Grant letter in which he/she is informed about:

  • the approval of the STSM and;
  • the level of the financial grant given.

(9) WHO: Applicant

WHAT: Returning the Grant letter to the Grant Holder, after accepting the grant with his/her signature.


(10) WHO : Applicant

WHAT: Submitting to the host institution and the STSM committee a short scientific report on the visit within 4 weeks after his/her stay. It should contain the following information:

  • Purpose of the STSM;
  • Description of the work carried out during the STSM;
  •  Description of the main results obtained;
  •  Future collaboration with host institution (if applicable);
  •  Foreseen publications/articles resulting or to result from the STSM (if applicable);
  •  Confirmation by the host institution of the successful execution of the STSM;
  •  Other comments (if any).

(11) WHO : STSM commitee

WHAT: The MC Chair or the STSM coordinator is responsible for:

  • Approving the scientific report
  •  Informing the Grant Holder that the STSM has been successfully accomplished and that the grant can be paid.

The e-mail should include the scientific report and state:

“Subject: STSM <Reference number>, COST IC1402, <grantee’s name>

On behalf of the Management Committee of the above COST Action I
would like to inform you that:
o The above STSM has been completed from <StardDate> to <EndDate>
o The scientific report has been approved by the MC and Host.
o The amount of EUR X can be paid”

(12) WHO : Grant Holder

WHAT: Executing the payment of the grant directly to the grantee or the host institution as requested in the application after reception of the approval mail and the scientific report

DEADLINES: The application together with the MC approval should be sent by the MC Chair or STSM coordinator to the Grant Holder at least 4 weeks before the STSM starts