2015 MC Meeting Malta

April 10th 2015, Univ. of Malta

Begin: 9:05, chair: Martin Leucker, minutes: Volker Stolz

Countries represented: AT,FR,DE,MK,IT,LT,LU,MT,NL,NO,PT,RS,ES,SE,CH,UK,EE,EL (detailed list of participants)


1) Minutes from last meeting

Unanimously approved

2) César Sánchez presents proposal on how to handle STSMs based on his experience in an earlier Action (slides)

  • Jorge Perez provides additional experience from another Action
  • Reminder that STSM can’t span budget years; and reimbursements for ANY(?) activity must be settled within a budget year.
  • beneficiaries of STSM should give very short presentation at next meeting.

Cesar’s proposed workflow unanimously approved

3) Discussion on December meeting in EE.

Currently tentative date Dec.10 in budget, in light of less attendants in Malta than budgeted for (= money left over), proposal to extend to 2 days, Dec. 10./11.

Unanimously approved

4) AOB


End: 10:15