Working Group 4 – Application areas

Welcome to Working Group 4 whose aim is to study the potential applications of RV to important application areas beyond software and hardware reliability, including (but not limited to) medical devices, financial systems, legal contracts, and cloud services. [For a more detailed description of the WGs aims please have a look at the description in the Memorandum.]

  • Chair: Christian Colombo
  • Vice-chair: Gerardo Schneider

Main Application Areas:

  • Medical devices (Martin Leucker, Ezio Bartocci)
  • Legal contracts (Gerardo Schneider)
  • Financial transaction (Christian Colombo)
  • Security and privacy (Gerardo Schneider)
  • Li-on batteries (Martin Sachenbacher)

To carry out its mission, WG4 is working on a number of fronts:

  • Case studies: To aid RV researchers find case studies, we have set up a case study exchange database  providing a list of previous successful case studies, and a list of projects which are on the look out for a case study. [Please feel free to contribute by directly editing the webpage or emailing christian.colombo(a)]

Within the OR.NET project, a communication stack for medical devices was developed. With the help of this COST action, the implementation was analyzed and improved using runtime verification appraoches. Further details on the OR.NET project can be found at

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