Working Group 4 : Memorandum description

Working Group 4 : Application areas (outside “pure” software reliability).

This group studies the potential applications of RV to important application areas beyond software and hardware reliability, including medical devices and legal contracts. This task requires the direct interaction with experts from the respective communities. The Working Group will organize workshops with invited experts from application domains. For example, for the safe interoperability of medical devices, it is important to enrich the interface COST specifications with temporal properties about the intended interaction of two devices and to synthesize monitoring code for runtime. If monitoring identifies unwanted behavior, the systems might go into some fail-safe mode. Another interesting application area that will be explored is how to monitor legal e-contracts (e.g., computer-mediated transactions). Some efforts have recently been done to formalize legal contracts using formal languages, where skeletons of runtime monitors could be extracted from the formal semantics. The time is now right to apply these techniques successfully to real case studies, which is planned for this working group. Other applications include robotic and hybrid systems, monitoring for business models and systems security. Concrete output of this Working Group will consist on documents describing challenges and potential applications of runtime verification to these application areas. Moreover, a concrete case study in the medical domain will be performed identifying the safety enhancements of medical devices by using runtime verification techniques.