MC Meeting Vienna ’15 Agenda and Protocol

September 21st 2015, TU Wien, Vienna
Chair: Martin Leucker, minutes: Volker Stolz, Martin Steffen

Countries represented: AT,PT,RS,IE,MT,IT,FR,NL,MK,CZ,IS,DE,LU,UK,ES,LT,EL,NO,IL,EE


  • new countries: CZ, Israel; Romania discussion ongoing
  • Budget for meetings so far: Malta: 25k EUR/20 ppl, Vienna: 30 ppl
  • STSMs: 1 STSM successfully completed (reported earlier in Vienna). 1 unsuccessful  application because of grant cut-off. Committee encourages more applications!
  • ESR: Ezio, gender balance: Natasha, Elvira didn’t come
    Suggestions? Local organisers to suggest. Invite PhD students, plus presentation. Remind people during invitation for suggestions
  • Nothing to report from grant holder.
  • Nothing to report from COST; grant holder informs about budget cuts in COST.
  • MoU updated to reflect changes in COST
  • No new membership-requests (now in phase where MC approves new members)
  • No non-COST country applications.
  • Ylies presents outline for book plans.
    • Questions of whether to go for well-known Open Access like LIPICS, or LNCS. Style of the book: suggested handbook, not collection of articles. Dedicated author(s) per chapter; will require a lot of coordination. How should reviewing be done?
    • Strategy: WGs in charge? Discuss in future meetings?
  • Remind participants to mention COST action in paper disclaimers for attribution; Ezio has sample
  • To improve communication, Volker Stolz will prepare a news letter to be published half-way between two meetings; will collect input from WGs
  • Discussion with Romania ongoing on a national level
  • Next meeting: Dec. 10/11. Talinn; Tarmo Uustalu local organizer
  • Vote on Talinn: unanimous; both MC,WG meeting
  • Next grant period:
    • 2-day meeting in conjunction with IFM’16 in Reykjavik, 30./31. May 2016 (all in favour)
    • Madrid: organise summer school, and MC, WG.
      • Interested in lecturing at summer school: Gerardo, Wolfgang, Joao, Petros, Cesar, Ylies, Christian C., Dejan, Ezio, Giles, Marcel, Martin L, Volker
      • Potential invites speaker: Klaus Havelund