2015 MC Meeting Tallinn, Minutes

Protocol of the management meeting, 11.12.2015, 14:00.

Meeting’s moderator: Martin Leucker. The discussion followed the pre-announced agenda, convering the following 16 points:

Minutes: Martin Steffen (NO)
1. Welcome: done
2. Quorum: as far as members of the management committee are concerned:

– 14 countries present CZ, DE, EE, ES, FR, IE, IS, IT, LT, LU, MT, NO, PT, SE
– 9 absent AT (only a non-MC member present), CH, DK, GR, IL, MK, NL, RS

3. Acceptance of agenda: accepted
4. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting: accepted

5. Update from the action chairs
a) There have been new countries joining, some changes of representation as well, see the web-page for details
b) STSM: There has been one mission: Gerardo Schneider travelled, and the travel was described as success and fruitful.

Discussion: do regulations allow that one individual makes more than one trip. In principle yes. However, other applications might take priority.

6. Update from the Grant holder. Extension of the financial period, the COST action got slightly more money available, and overall it is to be expected that right now there is “some money left”.
7. No one here
8. Monitoring: discussion
9. a) not too successful, but a few participants
b) Lisbon planned, and Tallinn
10. Follow-up of MoU/WP: Discussed during the meeting
11. Scientific planning: was discusess
12. Requests to join ARVI: none. From “now” on, no longer free hopping on board, though.
13. AOB: nothing
14. Location and date of next meeting: Basically agree on Barcelona as first choice (and Lisbon, of Barcelona declines). Plan A is therefore before a Conference that time organized in Barcelona.
Side remark: the COST web-system is blocked right now. Martin Leucker has to do some administrative work on it, but it will be available again at some point. Additionally some discussion about how to use the interface and reimbursement (due to some questions from the audience).
15. Summary of MC decisions: Location fixed (pending the quorum).

16. Closing: Done and warm thanks to Tarmo and the local organization as well as the presenters.