This page is about the 2015 iteration of the competition.


The general organisation of the competition was described in

Yliès Falcone, Dejan Nickovic, Giles Reger, Daniel Thoma. Second International Competition on Runtime Verification CRV 2015. RV 2015, LNCS, pp. 405-422, 2015.

The competition made use of a wiki, which is still available at


Please refer to the above publication for how the following scores were computed. We note that the number of benchmarks entered by each tool had a significant impact on the score, which is why we have also reported the average score per benchmark.

The results for the C track are as follows. The winner was E-ACSL.


The results for the Offline track are as follows. The winner was LogFire.


The results for the Java track are as follows. The winner was Mufin.


Congratulations and thanks to everybody who entered.