Working Group 2

Working Group 2 : Standardization, benchmarks, tool interoperability

Chair: Giles Reger (

This page gives further information on the activities of WG2. We are currently seeking an assistant chair for the group’s activities. If you are interested please contact Giles.

The initial aims of the WG were laid out during an initial presentation in Malta (Spring 2015) and expanded during a follow-up presentation in Vienna (Autumn 2015).

The current activities are listed below.

Tool Database

An early activity of the WG was an attempt to create a database of all tools previously or currently developed for RV. We currently have a google spreadsheet capturing relevant tools. But we would like to transfer this information to a more usable form and add additional information.

Standards for Trace Formats

One of the goals of this  WG is to oversee the production of one or more standard formats for representing traces as log files. An initial consultation was carried out via the following google document. This has been followed up via an email group discussion of relevant parties. The next stage (in progress) is the production of a proposed approach to be distributed and commented on.

Standards for Monitor Interfaces

Connected to our goal for standard trace formats is a wider goal for standardising the interface between runtime monitoring tools and monitored system. The scope of this task is less well-defined than for trace files. A consultation similar to the above for trace formats was attempted but lacked sufficient engagement. This process will be reattempted soon.

Runtime Verification Competition

One of the most visible activities of the WG is aiding the running of the RV competition. The competition has run for the last three years in association with the main RV conference. The format of the competition has evolved to react to the experiences of the participants. Plans for next year’s iteration are underway. There is a general feeling that the focus of the competition should shift to avoid next year’s competition being a repeat of this year’s.

Benchmark Repository

An ultimate goal of this WG is to produce a flexible and usable repository for storing and sharing benchmarks for Runtime Verification. A key requirement of such a repository is for it to support the wide array of different RV approaches. At our Iceland meeting we discussed an initial plan for this repository. This initial plan is in progress. If you want to get involved please contact Giles.