RV Group Work & MC Meeting in Lisbon (PT), June 8-9, 2017

Meeting Agenda

The final agenda of the meeting can be found here:  COST-IC1402-Lisbon-Agenda.

(MC Meeting minutes)

Meeting Photos

Meeting Venue

The Lisbon Meeting (RV Group Work) will take place at the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL – Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon), located at Campo Grande, Building C1, Floor 3, FFCUL Auditorium room, 1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal. [Google map location here].

Below, is a view of FCUL C1 Building. Coming from “Campo Grande” subway station or from the Radisson Blu Hotel: cross the bridge at the end of the lawn area. Entrance to FCUL C1 Building is done at Floor 2 (PISO 2). The COST Meeting Registration Desk is located at the atrium of Floor3. The COST Meeting Room (FFCUL Auditorium) is also located at Floor 3.

Attention: due to some renovation construction in Floor 2 of Building C1, the East entrance has been closed this week. Please, use the West entrance of Building C1. Go up one floor and turn left. The COST Meeting Registration Desk is in Floor 3, at the end of the corridor.


The nearest hotel is located at Campo Grande, at a walking distance (circa 7 minutes) of the COST Meeting location.

Radisson Blu Hotel (****)
Avenida Marechal Craveiro Lopes, 390 – Campo Grande  –  1749-009 Lisbon –  Portugal. http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel-lisbon
Subway station: Campo Grande (Yellow/Green Lines)

However, less expensive options, located in more lively areas (and, in some cases, more modern and attractive hotels) do exist. Bellow, are listed a set of options, located a distance from the COST Meeting place of circa 3 to 5 subway stations (15/20 minutes by subway, plus 7 minutes walk):

Hotel White Lisboa (***)
Avenida da República 9, 1050-185 Lisbon, Portugal
Subway station: Saldanha (Yellow Line)

SANA Executive Hotel (***)
Av. Conde de Valbom, 56, Avenidas Novas, 1050-069 Lisbon, Portugal
Subway station: Saldanha (Yellow Line)

Hotel Roma (***)
Avenida de Roma 33, Alvalade, 1749-074 Lisboa, Portugal
Subway station: Roma (Green Line)

Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno (***)
Campo Pequeno, 51, 1000-081 Lisboa, Portugal
Subway station: Campo Pequeno (Yellow Line)

NH Lisboa Campo Grande (****)
Campo Grande 7, 1700 – 087 Lisbon, Portugal
Subway station: Entrecampos (Yellow Line)

Traveling to Lisbon

The best way to come to Lisbon is by plane. The COST Meeting place and the Radisson Hotel stay just 4 kilometers from Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS), recently renamed Aeroporto Humberto Delgado. The hotels listed above stay a little longer, circa 5 to 7 kilometers from the airport.

Local Transportation


The COST Meeting location and the hotel areas can be reached by taxi. In the absence of traffic jams, a taxi from the airport to the COST Meeting place will have a cost around 7 € and it will take about 10 minutes. A slightly higher cost apply to the hotel locations. If you have luggage there will be an additional cost of 1,60 €.

Subway: from the Airport to Hotels

After exiting the airport, head to the subway station named “Aeroporto”. From there you will need to purchase, in the automatic vending machines, a “Viva Viagem” card, which costs 0,50 €. Charging it with one trip, costs plus 1,45 €. Note: a trip is defined as the act staring at entering a station and ending with the exit. When changing lines it still counts as one trip.

After purchasing the trip, head into the “Red Line” (Linha Vermelha) with the direction “S.Sebastião”. The trip will take around 25 minutes.

If your hotel is served by the “Green Line” (Linha Verde) change line at the “Alameda” station. For hotels served by the Yellow Line (Linha Amarela) change line (or exit) at the “Saldanha” station.

Subway: from Hotels to the Meeting Place

From the hotels served by the Yellow Line (Linha Amarela), take a train heading “Odivelas”. From the hotels served by the Green Line (Linha Verde), take a train heading “Telheiras”.  In both cases, exit the train at “Campo Grande” station.

After exiting the train, exit the Campo Grande station through the exit marked “Campo Grande/Museu da Cidade” and walk straight forward, passing under the freeway viaduct. The COST Meeting place is located a little ahead, at Building C1 of Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.

Dinner Restaurant Directions:

Schedule: 8th June, 2017 – 20h00

Restaurante “Jardim da Luz”
Largo da Luz – Quartel da Formação
Lisboa 1600-587, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 715 60 87

Metro station: Carnide